Valves are devices that act to control, regulate or direct flow within a system or process at their most basic level. They frequently have a number of traits that serve to identify their appropriate use. Whether you want to manage flow or ensure safety in a piping system, we provide various types of valves for numerous functions and operating mechanism which can be used to aid with liquids, solids, gases, and everything in between.

Valves serve numerous purposes, including:

  • Start or halt flow depending on the state of the valve
  • Control flow and pressure in a pipe system
  • Control flow direction inside a pipe system
  • Control flow rates in a pipe system
  • Enhance safety in a pipe system by alleviating pressure or vacuum

Valve are apt into one of three types:

  • Manual Valves: Commonly calibrated by hand, these valves use handwheels, hand levels, gear wheels, or chains to actuate.
  • Actuated Valves: In high-precision or large-scale applications, these valves offer remote control and automation when electric motors, air or pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, or solenoids are associated.
  • Automatic Valves: Some valves activate when a specific flow condition is met. For instance, check valves that close during backflow or pressure release valves that open when an over-pressure condition is identified.